Grounding Regional Legends as Indonesian Language Learning Media in Finding Values In Historical Stories With The Problem Based Learning (PBL) Method For Class XII SMA By Windi Tri Sasmia, S.Pd

Improving Poetry Appreciation Ability through Gatration Media Using Joyful Learning Models in Class XII MIP 1 Students Of SMA Negeri Mojoagung By Linda Widyastuti

The Effect of Using Quipper School – Based E-Learning Learning Media on Motivation, Learning Activities, and Learning Outcomes in Biology Of Students In Class X-IPA Of SMA Negeri 1 Wajo District Wajo By Ernitasari

The Application of Problem-Based Learning (PBL) Model To Increase Students’ Learning Motivation On The Material Of The Diversity Of Living Things Class X SMA Muhammadiyah 1 Gresik By Ainul Muttaqin, S.P., M.Pd.

Aspects of Education In The Building Of Civilization During The Caliphate Of Umar Bin Khattab” By: Hadiyatan Wasilah, M.Pd.

Implementation of Technology-Based Game-Based Learning Models with Heterogenetic Group Can Improve Students’ Learning Concentration By Siti Mufarohah, S.Pd

Application of The TGT Type Cooperative Learning Model Through Playing Techniques In Order To Increase Students’ Interest And Learning Outcomes In Physics For Class X SMA Muhammadiyah 1 Gresik By Nurul Ilmiyah,S.Pd

Actual Political Cases as Means of Realizing Contextual Learning of Citizenship Education By Evi Damayanti

Social Construction Regarding Formal Education in Street Children By Dwi Ayu Kurniawati

Differentiated Learning Gives Life to Teaching and Learning Activities By Yulia Dwi Putri Rahayu, S.Pd

Tourism Objects As Social Studies Learning Sources in Elementary School By Kiki Rizki Amaliyah

Contribution Psycho-sociological Management Sports Organizations for the Development Tapak Suci Martial Arts Achievements SMP Muhammadiyah 1 Gresik Students By Bening Satria Prawita Diharja

Developing Teacher Competence In The Utilization Vr (Virtual Reality) In Learning Media By Zulfikar Fanny Anggriawan

Development of Students’ Critical Reasoning through Critical Pedagogy-Based Learning By Eka Rohmatun Nazilah

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